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Instrumental Downloads

Relax with the comforting sounds of Shadowdown Music. Our music is therapeutic and offers an escape from everyday life. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we take you back to a time reminiscent of AM and FM radio at its best. Our groove oriented instrumental music is downloadable for your immediate enjoyment and you'll find it sets the mood for working out, cleaning, or just relaxing around the house.

Feel-Good Music

Listen to a unique and explosive collaboration of electronic drums, keyboard synthesizers, as well as 4- and 5-string fretted and unfretted bass guitar — all created by MJ in the recording studio — that will make you want to get up and dance! Our feel-good, motivated, energetic sounds are loved and appreciated by people who listen to all genres of music.

Commercial Music Tracks

Each music track can also be used for commercial use. We have tracks that are ideal for television commercials, radio announcements, news, talk shows, and independent films. Listeners can expect a different and a new sound that is positive and uplifting. We even create motif tracks with portions of instrumentals, which would be the perfect opening for a new movie.

Sound Equipment

Affordable Music Downloads

Our downloads are affordably priced at $0.99. Musical supervisors, editors, and independent filmmakers have all enjoyed our instrumentals and use them in their projects. "MJ's Master 8" and "MJ's Plans Ahead" motif tracks are ideal for commercial use and allows space for commentating as needed.

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